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Our mission

We help solve the most challenging and complex healthcare problems for the people who need it most.

At Endpoint Health, we have made it our mission to empower clinicians to deliver life-saving care to the sickest patients in the hospital, the critically ill.

Our story

Why We Created Endpoint Health

We formed Endpoint Health in 2018 with a mission to improve outcomes of the critically ill. We never imagined their struggle would be on the nightly news around the world for months. One of our focus areas was, and still is, sepsis: a life-threatening immune response to infection, and the poster child for critical illness. Prior to the pandemic, it already had an estimated cost of over $60B per year in the U.S. and was linked to more global deaths than cancer each year (11 million vs. 9.6 million). Today it has a lead role in a pandemic with a price tag of over $1.7 trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. There are no FDA approved therapies for sepsis, only supportive care, such as ventilation and fluids. We’re here to change that.


Our Leadership Team

Jason Springs

Co-Founder, CEO

Jason is an accomplished start-up founder and executive with experience developing and commercializing disruptive products that tackle healthcare’s most urgent challenges. Jason co-founded and served as a board member of GeneWEAVE, a diagnostics company that developed rapid tests to detect and guide therapy choice for serious infections. Started in 2010, GeneWEAVE raised $25M in venture financing and was acquired by Roche in 2015. Prior to GeneWEAVE Jason worked at Lockheed Martin’s Aerospace and Logistics Services division.

Jason went on to co-found Endpoint Health, where he is currently a board member and CEO. He is an angel investor focused on pre-seed/seed stage healthcare companies with data, diagnostic, and therapeutic indications. Jason received an MBA from Cornell University.

Jason lives in San Jose, CA with his wife and daughter.

Diego Rey, PhD

Co-Founder, CSO

Diego is a skilled start-up executive, engineer, and scientist with extensive experience leading research efforts to develop products that help patients and physicians overcome healthcare obstacles. Prior to co-founding Endpoint Health, Diego invented the core technology and led investigational efforts related to Roche’s antibiotic therapy guidance research and development. Prior to Roche, Diego co-founded GeneWEAVE, a diagnostics company that developed rapid tests to detect and guide therapy choice for serious infections, which was acquired by Roche in 2015.

Diego received a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and an MS and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University.

Diego is a co-founder, board member, and Chief Scientific Officer of Endpoint Health. He employs his background in building multidisciplinary technical teams to create and develop the core technologies that enable Endpoint Health to deliver products to improve patient care.

Leonardo Teixeira, PhD

Co-Founder, COO

Leo is a master operator, scholar, and scientist with extensive experience in building and leading the product development and operational efforts for companies, including Roche, ITP and GeneWEAVE. In his previous roles, Leo created and led teams that established a standard way to develop innovative diagnostics that incorporated machine learning driven development processes in the critical care environment and was responsible for the growth, sustainability, strategic planning and P&L of companies. Leo co-founded GeneWEAVE, a diagnostics company that developed rapid tests to detect and guide therapy choice for serious infections,which was acquired by Roche in 2015.

Leo received his BS and MS from Universidade Federal de Vicosa and his PhD in microbiology from Cornell University. He lives in Los Altos Hills, CA with his wife and two children.

Leo is a co-founder, board member and Chief Operating Officer of Endpoint Health. He leverages his dynamic interests and skill set to oversee Endpoint Health’s clinical studies, product development and logistics efforts and guide the company towards its next groundbreaking achievement.

Jeff Osborn

Co-Founder, CTO

Jeff Osborn has spent an entire career straddling the boundary between technology and business functions. He brings experience in quantitative analytics and client relations, as well as project and team leadership at the global level. Jeff has extensive experience building large scale and highly effective enterprise software systems for large organizations, which analyze and process vast amounts of data, with zero tolerance for failure. His work spans multiple regulated industries, including investment banking at Barclays Capital and automotive at Ford.

Jeff received a BS and MS in Computer Science from the State University of New York – Stonybrook and an MBA from Cornell University. Jeff lives with his wife and two children in Detroit, MI.

Jeff is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Endpoint Health. He employs his expertise in building robust analytic systems at scale to create the digital ecosystem that enables Endpoint Health’s research and clinical decision support initiatives.

Rodrigo Deliberato, MD, PhD

Head of Clinical Data Science

MIT-trained, award-winning physician-scientist Rodrigo Deliberato brings an invaluable portfolio of experience in areas such as evidence-based medicine, “big data” analysis, and machine learning to Endpoint Health. As a former critical care physician, Rodrigo serves as the voice of the customer within the Endpoint Health team. He is a vital player in our efforts to reduce mortality via the subtyping of critically ill patients using biomarker and clinical data. While practicing medicine in Brazil, Rodrigo created the first ICU patient-level database in a common data model in South America and built a multi-platform digital scheduling system which is currently used commercially in more than 100 hospitals.

Rodrigo received an MD from Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes an MS and PhD from Universidade Federal de São Paulo. He completed a fellowship in critical care at the University of Toronto and a postdoctoral fellowship in data science at MIT.

David Leonard

Head of Partnerships

David brings extensive experience introducing and commercializing complex technology and analytics solutions in healthcare, with a specific focus on acute and post-acute care settings. David specializes in establishing cross-industry partnerships, building global commercial and client success teams, and integrating novel technologies into operations. He has a track record of success in leadership positions at venture-backed healthcare technology companies and global data and analytics firms including Gallup and The Advisory Board Company.

David received a BS from Vanderbilt and his MBA from Cornell University. He lives with his wife and two young children in Chicago, IL.

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