We believe

Patient Care is
Greater Than
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Endpoint Health is working to bring life-saving targeted therapies to patients with critical illnesses including sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

The Challenge

Our sickest patients have few treatment options - they deserve better.

Every year, our children, parents and loved ones develop critical illnesses like sepsis, ARDS and now COVID-19, which affect millions of people, cause the highest number of hospital deaths, and cost billions of dollars. These illnesses are not single diseases but rather heterogeneous syndromes, yet most patients are treated the same way. Similar to the advancements in oncology, critical care patients need therapies to be targeted to the right patient at the right time to improve outcomes. Despite its urgent nature, advances in critical care still lag behind other areas of medicine.

Endpoint Health is on a mission to solve this problem.


of U.S. Hospital
Mortality 1,2


Annual Cost to
Healthcare System 3


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Mortality 3

Our Solution

Personalized is Greater Than One-sized

At Endpoint Health, we know that successfully treating a critically ill patient is the result of many variables - data analysis, speed in making clinical decisions, selection of the right treatment, empowerment of clinicians - and most importantly, the specific needs of each patient.

But where others have progressed in individual areas of the treatment paradigm, we see the opportunity to advance treatment as a whole.  Endpoint Health is putting forth a comprehensive approach designed to leverage advancements in the areas of precision medicine, AI, and the delivery of personalized therapies and treatments.  We use molecular and patient data to create comprehensive therapeutic models – tools that identify distinct patient subgroups and treatment patterns in order to highlight unmet therapeutic needs, with the ultimate goal of transforming the way clinicians predict and diagnose critical illness and guide personalized treatment.

Who We Are

“Other companies make drugs, but they don’t solve disease problems. Fundamentally, we’re guiding therapy. A surviving and thriving patient is the result of hundreds of different factors. We’re highlighting the end-to-end solutions that define new standards of care.”

Jason Springs
Co-Founder & CEO

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